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Helping Churches Help People

Community LINC

Love In the Name of Christ
                  Community LINC

A Community LINC is a connector:

– connect someone with hope
– connect someone with their own goals
– connect someone with a caring community

How does this practically happen?

  • meet once a week with the Love INC client for class or visit
  • build trust, be an active listener, be encouraging
  • pray together as the client is willing, pray for the client on your own regularly
  • ask questions to draw out the client’s hopes and desires
  • find out what is holding the client back from reaching their goals
  • connect the client with the resources to help them reach those goals (classes/counseling)
  • walk with them through each new step
  • celebrate with them at every opportunity

Practical Parameters

  • the client and LINC could be paired for either home visitation (3 to 12 months for homebound clients) or for weekly life skills classes (for 4 weeks, or longer if mutual agreement)
  • LINCs meet together monthly for support, prayer, discernment
  • the Clearinghouse staff is always available to support you and help locate resources
  • LINCs communicate a simple report monthly to the Clearinghouse re homebound clients
  • remain humble, open, ready to be used by God
  • LINCs are not responsible to counsel or ‘cure’ or ‘fix every problem’…you connect
  • appropriate boundaries are healthy
    • don’t give money or gifts
    •  you don’t need to divulge a lot of personal information
    • do share your personal journey with the Lord
    • listen without judgment
Summary: A LINC engages one-to-one with a motivated client to first connect them with their own life goals and then the resources to meet those goals. The LINC is not responsible for having all the answers or solving every issue.     Listen, pray, love, encourage!     Leave plenty of opportunity for God to bring the transformation.

Mid-Hudson Love In the Name of Christ
226 Church Street, Poughkeepsie