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Helping Churches Help People


Comments from Our Neighbors

“Don’t think negative!” – Building Hope Workshop Participant  (April, 2017)

“I liked the Goal Setting, Recipes, Games.  Each one was equally helpful.  Wonderful!!” – Building Hope Workshop Participant  (April, 2017)

“There has been so much love and understanding.  Learning more about how to move forward.  I thank the ladies for the support.” – Grief and Loss Class Participant (April, 2017)

“I loved our praying together.  It made me feel so content. Hopefully we will have another class like this.” Grief and Loss Class Participant  (March, 2017)

“It’s great to talk about how I feel today and how to understand that.  I love coming to this group.” – Grief and Loss Class Participant (March, 2017)

“I learned so much about loving Jesus.  I want to come back.” – Spiritual Exploration Class Participant  (February, 2017)

“Adrienne’s finance workshop is inspiring/encouraging and do-able!” -Building Hope Workshop Participant  (January, 2017)

“I love the positive energy and sense of empowerment!” -Building Hope Workshop Participant (January, 2017)

“I got a Bible and learned things about Jesus I didn’t know.” – Spiritual Exploration Class Participant  (January, 2017)

“The questions are always helpful to understand the Bible.” – Spiritual Exploration Class Participant (January, 2017)

“Just talking about my losses was helpful.” Grief and Loss Class Participant (January, 2017)

“The comeraderi and encouragement was amazing.” Grief and Loss Class Participant (January, 2017)

“The Color of Money exercise was interesting.” – Building Hope Workshop Participant (November, 2016)

“The game of team work was great. Learning about shopping with coupons too. And learning about S.M.A.R.T. goals! More people need to hear about this class.” – Building Hope Workshop Participant (November, 2016)

“I feel like it was a great learning experience.” – Building Hope Workshop Participant (November, 2016)

“It was good to listen to ways to manage finances and compare the game to God’s path for us. Many thanks for all you did to present this program.” – Building Hope Workshop Participant (November, 2016)

“The tips on financial budgeting and setting monthly goals – Awesome!” – Building Hope Workshop Participant (November, 2016)

“Thank you Love INC for coming to my baptism!” – A. (October, 2016)

October, 2016 – “I loved all the finance info!  The game was very insightful too.” – Building Hope Workshop Participant

October, 2016 – “The game was fun and informative. The meal prep and nutrition information was great too.” – Building Hope Workshop Participant

October, 2016 – “The Values Auction was the best – it encouraged me to dream.” – Building Hope Workshop Participant

October, 2016 – “The laughter, unity and relationship building was wonderful.” – Building Hope Workshop Participant

September, 2016 – “The best part of the evening was when Liz talked about meal prep and recipes. It was great to hear another participant share that they had made last week’s soup for their entire family and it was a hit.  Food really does bring everyone together and helps break down any boundaries or walls people may unconsciously put up in their mind.” – Building Hope Participant

September, 2016 – “I learned that shopping at the little local stores is more expensive than saving and going to a larger store. I love the workshop and my partner. I hope the recipes are posted.” – Building Hope Participant

September, 2016 – “I liked the interaction with other people and hearing different opinions.” – Building Hope Workshop Participant

March, 2016 – “When I first called Love INC I had just been released from prison, did not have any sources of income, and needed help. Love INC supported me with personal care products, linens and a referral to local employment agencies. I have now found a job and assist my landlord with work in the building so now my rent is reduced.  Thank you for everything!” – L.

A volunteer at the Clearinghouse called to check in with someone we hadn’t heard from in a while.  After hearing about her life and the difficulties she has been having, the volunteer prayed with her.  In appreciation of the prayer, our friend said, “That’s the best thing that will happen to me today.”

2015 – After a delivery of linens, this note: “Everything was a blessing from above.  It helps a lot.  Now I can start to pay the electric bill. You have blessed my heart in a very special way.”

October, 2015 – “I would just like to say Thank you! for my bed and linens and to all of you who have showed me there are wonderful, loving people out there. God bless all of you!” – D.

Comments about the Delivery Volunteers:

“The lady and gentleman who delivered were very nice to the family.  They prayed for my family and we are so grateful for everything.”

A couple of friends let us know they were “so grateful” for the sofas delivered to their homes.  One said she was “so delighted with the delivery”, and the other said the delivery folks had a hard time getting the sofa into the apartment, so they wanted to call and express their happiness for that sofa!


“I so appreciate the guy who always delivers personal care to me.  I am so glad when he comes and especially when he prays with me.”

“The linens that were delivered were just the right color!  I was so grateful for those who provided the bedding and those who delivered.”

November, 2014 “A blessed Thanksgiving is wished for you all.  You do God’s work without question and make those less fortunate feel warmth.  Thanks always for being there for me.  Much gratitude to you all.” -C

March, 2015 “Thank you so much for helping me put the pieces of my life back together.” -T

April, 2011 “I just want to thank everyone who works for your wonderful organization! If it wasn’t for your love, prayers and help I don’t know where I would be! I am a young disabled adult struggling to be independent.  It’s extremely difficult for me on a limited income.  Your help and support has helped me get by.” -D